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Q & A's
Q & A's

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What do you provide?

House keeping cabin
Sauna (except Sliver Lake Cabin)
Propane fridge
Propane freezer
Solar lights
Barbecue grill
Hot & cold running water in all cabins
Indoor showers at Birch Bay, Sliver Lake Cabin and Nora Creek Cabin
2 ATV's and trailers for Nora Creek
1 ATV and trailer for Birch Bay
Boat Seats
5 boats at landing for Nora Creek
3 boats at landing for Birch Bay
5 remote lakes from the Sliver Lake Cabin only. Boats are at these lakes ready to go.

What items are not provided and items I may want to bring?

Outboards and gas
Fishing equipment
Landing nets
Sleeping bags, sheets, pillow cases and blankets
Face cloths
Dish cloths & towels
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Food & drinks
Boat cushions
Ontario fishing license(local bait shops)
Soap and all personal care products
Garbage bags
All sizes of Zip-loc bags

What should I bring?

Bait-night crawlers, minnows, leeches, artificial baits
Bait buckets
Water proof matches
Camera & film
Fillet knife
Small tool kit
Personal needs
Rain gear
Pic mosquito coils
Boat cushions
Zip-loc bags

What should I bring for Hunting?

For Hunting-all above plus

Binoculars, scope
Knife and meat saw
Rifle and ammo
Warm clothing
Camp shoes
Waterproof matches
Game bags

What should I expect with Canadian Customs?

*Hand guns, radar detectors, are illegal in Canada
*Proof of citizenship, birth certificate, voter registration card
*If traveling with children that are not your own, have letter of permission from the children's parents.
*Always be open and honest to their questions. Don't be cute, funny or rude they have all the time in the world and the right to hold you as long as they want to!
*(1) 40 oz bottle of liquor or (1) case of beer is duty free. (1) carton of cigarettes is duty free.
*You can bring more but make sure and tell them about the actual amount. You can bring more in but will be charged duty and taxes. With this expense it still might be cheaper than Canada.
*Whatever you do remember to be honest, if pulled over you could be charged with smuggling, and it is not worth it! They sometimes do random checks, be cooperative and it should go smoothly and quickly.

For more information about Canadian Customs, go HERE

Tell me about the Canadian Firearms Act.

The Canadian Firearms Act

Effective January 2001 hunters crossing the border are required to register their guns before entering Canada for hunting. We will forward this to you before that date to have you fill out. This way you can give this to them at the border crossing. However do not sign it, this must be done in front of them. A $50.00 fee applies for each applicant.

Ministry of Natural Resources(MNR) web site HERE

How long does it take to get there?

Our base is in Ignace Ontario. Ignace is between Thunder Bay Ontario (3hours) and Dryden Ontario (1hour). We are about six hours northwest of Duluth Mn.

Why should I use a remote Outpost facility?

The main reason to try Berglund Outposts is for the remoteness, and quality of our cabins. Tired of crowds and waiting in line to launch your boats? The fishing and scenery will astound and amaze you to keep you coming back for more!

What about boats, motors and bait?

We provide all boats. We have 5 boats at Nora Creek Cabin. At Birch Bay Cabin we have 3 boats. Sliver Lake Cabin has 2 boats with trailer and 5 different lakes around the Sliver Lake Cabin. You have to provide your own outboards, gas and bait. We have found that nightcrawlers keep the best and are the best bait for walleye. For lake trout we use bucktail jigs. Email me and I might share some old family secrets!

I have a small child and my parents are in their 70's, will this be to much for them?

We have always brought our family into our Outpost cabins. With the radio phone you can reach people in case of an emergency. If you need assistance we will be happy to provide this to you. Our cabins are new, clean and safe for children of all ages. All kids under 6 are free.

If you have any further questions, Please feel free to call or email.




Q & A's