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Silver Lake Cabin
Silver Lake Cabin

Ignace, Ontario, Canada // Wes & Wanda Pitcher // 217-683-2396 //

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Sliver Lake Cabin is a stones throw away from enjoying everything and anything you want to do in the great outdoors, no matter the season, fishing choices, or transportation. Built in 1996, this cabin offers many comforts. Nestled at the bottom of a hill overlooking Sliver Lake, it is a sportsman's paradise!
Drive your vehicle right down to this very remote cabin. This cabin has everything to offer including a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, two comfortable and roomy bedrooms and patio doors overlooking the cedar porch facing the lake. The knotty pine living room offers someone the opportunity to sit and relax and if you look closely, you just might see a moose crossing the lake right in front of the cabin.
Sliver Lake Cabin offers everything to the outdoors man. Access 5 remote lakes with exclusive boat caches. Bring your own ATV's or use your own vehicle to access the remote lakes in the area. The boats are there waiting for you at our Sliver Lake Cabin. Come and fish these remote lakes for walleye, northerns and lake trout. Even in the winter months Sliver Lake Cabin is the right choice.
It has some of the very best giant northern fishing around. Really great northern lakes have to be large and deep. The largest of the northerns suspend in deeper water where it is cooler during the summer months. That's why spring and fall are the easiest times to catch that real monster in the shallows! Great lake trout lakes are often super northern pike lakes. Both fish need the cooler water temperatures. At Berglund Outposts we'll try our best to set you up with a trip of a lifetime you can afford to do again and again.


Silver Lake Cabin

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